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IT IS A FACT....62% of people who found love online made profiles on 3 or more sites!  You need to spread the Love!

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Online dating is a tough track to follow.  You have over a thousand sites with every conceivable specialty site available. Here at Personals Station we will help you be EFFECTIVE and SUCCESSFUL using online date sites to find what you are seeking…be it love, lust, friendship or something on the side. 

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Track One gives you ideas and helpful advice to make your search online more effective. How to decide what site(s) to choose, profile writing ideas and more.


TrackTwo gives you proper etiquette for online emailing and chat.

Track Three has
links to flirting, romance and other support resources for online dating help.

The Roundhouse has some wonderful online date sites with discriptions and promotional discounts.

Advantages of online dating…


While online dating has evolved in technology over the past few years it is essentially what it always was from the beginning…a place to start a search.  Every individual that is serious about finding a relationship online needs to understand that just sending out responses to personal ads over and over again is just one of a number of steps needed for ultimate success. Every online dater must know how to write an effective profile, how to respond in such a way that brings a positive response back and how to follow through once a connection has been made. All aboard to online dating and you will get to your destination on time.


Personals Station will help you not only find good online dating sites but will give you Ideas and resources for finding success in cyberspace and real time!
Track 1 Being effective with online dating
     Track 2  Online chat and email etiquette   Track 3 Support sites for online dating success    RoundHouseGreat dating sites and discounts